The 4 Upsides to Changing Roles

You might find that a new role offers you a chance to start over and reframe the way you think about your job — and yourself.

Kasra Khalili
3 min readApr 20, 2022
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There can be big upsides to switching teams, changing roles, or launching something new. I’ll share the top four that influenced me going from startup founder to startup employee.

In June of 2021, our startup had shut down and in typical founder fashion, we started building a new one — this time we committed to doing things differently. Both my co-founder and I decided to keep this a side project and find work of our own to be the foundation.

Ultimately, I found a new role at the startup I was targeting. After just two weeks in my new role, I’m experiencing career-defining catalysts that would have taken years to reach on my own.

If you’re holding out on getting that new job or uncertain about what to look for in your search, here are four benefits of changing roles that you might want to consider:

Domain switch

When you switch from one domain to another, you’re not just learning new concepts and gaining the ability to apply them. You’re also exposing yourself to new ways of thinking. In order to take on new responsibilities, you have to consider problems that you’d never thought about before.

Jumping into a new team felt strange and it was exactly what I needed. After spending four years working at my own pace and operating principle, it became clear that I built some barriers to my mental model of work.

Financial upside

The financial upside can be a big driver for changing roles. By allowing you to take the accumulated experience of previous roles and package it into a higher-paying opportunity, changing companies or job titles can lead to a significant increase in pay. It might also be one of the best times to consider if the compensation you’re receiving matches the current market.

This was less of a priority for me when matched against the learning opportunities and who I could meet, though still important as an appropriate baseline for my family’s security.

Learning opportunity

You’ll learn something new. Even if your new role isn’t radically different from your old one, it’s likely that there will be differences in how things get done. A shift in responsibility can also create opportunities to learn new skills.

Joining a team of ambitious people was one of my biggest goals. I was eager to get back into a learning mentality, jumping into a rapidly scaling startup was just the opportunity I was looking for.

Expanded network

Your network will grow. In any field, your network is your safety net and one of your most valuable assets. By changing roles, you’ll have an opportunity to make connections with new people who can help you in the future. If you’re lucky, they might even be able to help find your next position down the road.

Building communities and access to networks have long been my passion. In this new role, I wanted to ensure I did everything possible to close the proximity between myself and those I wanted to meet.

A new role could be the catalyst you need

The four benefits above can be applied to new roles or the one you’re in today. Continue to audit whether the work you do matches the value you receive.

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